We are a virtual reality gallery for non-fungible art tokens on the Tezos blockchain. Our mission is to elevate art that is sustainable and digital first.

Collector's tools: Capital Gains and Losses

Get an overview of your trades of Hic et Nunc objkts with date corrected currency conversion to fiat currencies.

Gains ->

Lydian Stater presents: The Fall The Show

Our latest exhibition together with our partners in art, Lydian Stater. New NFT works by Corinne Jones, Anika Todd, and Catalina Tuca.

The Fall The Show ->

GLRY.art: Our official hicetnunc.xyz clone

While hicetnunc.xyz is down and the community decides where to go in the future, glry.xyz offers glry.art as an alternative gateway to Hic et Nunc's contracts. This is the same site that ran on HEN with the same contracts and tokens.

glry.art ->

Collector's tools: Collection value appraisal

Assess the value of a Hic et Nunc collection using the tool we use to keep track of ours.

glry.xyz/value ->

Collector's tools: Hic et Nunc live

Watch sales, mints, swaps and curations on HEN as they happen

glry.xyz/live ->

Exhibition 6: Calculated Objects

With over 60 pieces, comprised of stills, video and 3d objects across 5 rooms, this exhibition of our collection of generative art is our most ambitious yet.

glry.xyz/generative ->

Exhibition 5: Sara Simms & Melleefresh - Kreator

Sara Simms & Melleefresh team up on Kreator, a techno and drum’n’ bass tinged stormer

glry.xyz/kreator ->

Exhibition 4: Hakurei Neko

Our first single artist exhibition leaves a lot to the imagination

glry.xyz/hakurei-neko ->

Exhibition 3: Architects and Art

Architect artists from our collection.

glry.xyz/architects ->

Exhibition 2: Latent Space Exploration

Artistic explorations of generative adversarial networks.

glry.xyz/gan ->

Exhibition 1: Hello World

An introduction to our collection of sustainable NFT art.

glry.xyz/hello-world ->

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